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NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529

Site Information
Date of Site Visit: 
Tue, 12/27/2011
Enforcement Office: 
Site Name: 
First Presbyterian Church
Site Location: 
South Main St. and Central St
Gaston / Belmont
Project Owner: 
First Presbyterian Church
Contractor/Emergency #: 
Beam Construction
Type of Project: 
Weather During Visit: 
partly cloudy and 53 deg
Rain in prior 24 hours: 
Waterbodies Onsite: 
Drains Into: 
Catawba River
NC35° 14' 15.9648" N, 81° 2' 34.3716" W
1. Registration/Information Posting | 2. Stormwater Appearance
1a. Is the registration/permit/ID number clearly visible at site entrance?: 
1b. Is contact information posted with the registration information?: 
1d. Comments: 
Noted lack of proper BMPs at rear of church at new playground. Sediment laden water washing across parking lot. The sediment basin at the rear of the church near the Greenwood Cemetery has problems. Much sediment laden water is escaping into the creek bed. There is also sediment laden water flowing onto the cemetery itself. Several graves underwater or compromised by the flow. Please see photos. There was a previous MWW report on this site for August 5, 2011 - Report ID # 513.
2a. Is sediment-laden stormwater retained on the site?: 
2b. Is sediment-laden stormwater prevented from entering a storm drain or waterbody?: 
2c. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
3. Construction Entrance/Exits | 4. Perimeter Controls
3a. Is there enough stone, gravel, or stabilizing material to cover the entrance/exit?: 
3b. Are construction materials and equipment being stored away from the entrance/exit?: 
3c. Is the road free from dirt tracked from the site?: 
3d. Is the construction entrance/exit free from flowing dirty water?: 
3d. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
4a. Are perimeter controls present?: 
4b. Are the controls properly placed?: 
4d. Is water prevented from flowing over, under, or around controls?: 
4c. Are the controls properly trenched?: 
4e. Are the controls in good repair?: 
4f. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
5. Storm Drain and Inlet Protection | 6. Soil Stabilzation and Cover
5a. Are storm drains and inlets protected and in good repair?: 
5b. Are storm drains and inlets free from sediment?: 
5c. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
6a. If areas have been inactive for more than 14 days are they stabilized and in good repair?: 
6c. Are soil stockpiles properly seeded, covered with tarps, or surrounded by silt fence?: 
6d. Is the site free of rills or other major erosion on slopes or soil stockpiles?: 
6f. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
7. Sediment Traps, Check Dams and Basins
7a. Are sediment traps, check dams, or basins installed?: 
7b. Do they have properly installed and operating components?: 
7c. Are the trap and basin slopes stabilized?: 
7d. Is the trap or basin retaining sediment?: 
7e. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
8. Outlet Protection | 9. Encroachment on Waterbodies
8a. Are outlets armored with stone or otherwise protected and in good repair?: 
8b. Is the outlet structured as to prevent scouring and erosion?: 
8c. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
9a. Is vegetation adjacent to waterbodies intact?: 
9c. Comments: 
See comments section 1d.
General Comments | Photos
10. General Comments: 
Sad to see the sediment flowing over and around graves in adjacent cemetery. The photo with the fence is where the flow comes onto the cemetery from the construction site. See comments section 1d.
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529
NC Report Card - 12/27/11 - ID#529

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