The Best Beauty is a State of Mind

Beauty is reflected and expressed differently in every culture around the world. Yes, there is a universal point of view that applies to all ages and cultures. However, it is essential to consider the fact that beauty is not about the standards portrayed by the mainstream media. If anything, natural beauty is a state of mind.


In Western culture, it has become a sad fact that aesthetics are perceived as the be-all and end-all. Our warped obsession with youth is what makes plastic surgery one of the largest companies in the world. Women and men suffer from severe eating disorders and are desperately trying to get the perfect picture. We also see tons of articles about people spending millions looking like their favorite stars. We feel wholly inadequate, so we buy goods that make us look and feel better. Playing with uncertainties in society seems like big business. The thing is, when we purchase the products and have an operation – do we feel better? Achieving perfection is not only unattainable but also unfulfilled.


The truth is, beauty is a state of mind. It is your inner self that reflects outward. When you exude an air of kindness and grace, people will be drawn to you and want to get to know you. Have you ever believed someone was the epitome of beauty? Then did you meet that person and find that all of the worship you had for them was quickly fading? Ask yourself why this happened.


The fact is, real beauty isn’t just about the surface. It’s about the heart.


Those who are lazy inside can temporarily trick people with their stunning looks, but people will see through that facade very quickly. Bottom line? A beautiful heart makes a lovely person.


So how exactly do we stop self-hatred and self-doubt? It is not easy. Beauty standards have been engraved on our subconscious ever since we could identify pictures on television and in magazines. The bottom line is that hugging your true beauty takes work and dedication. If you are trying half as hard to love yourself as you hate yourself, this should be easy. You have to change your thinking and consciously change your perception before it becomes unconscious. Almost like cognitive behavioral therapy, if you will.


Imagine exactly how you would like others to see you, and soon you will become what you imagine. Walk with your head held high, a smile from the inside out, and listen to people. This will draw people to you, and they will see your inner self shine through. This instantly makes you attractive and gives you the energy and aura that people want to be with.


Stop leafing through the latest tabloid magazine and turn off Entertainment. Look in the mirror every morning and smile at yourself. Take this one day at a time, and you will soon believe us when we say that true beauty is a state of mind.