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AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526

Site Information
Date of Site Visit: 
Wed, 10/19/2011
Enforcement Office: 
Site Name: 
Site Location: 
5451 Henning Drive East, Mobile, AL
Mobile County, City of Mobile
Project Owner: 
Gerald Steele / 656-0110 /
Type of Project: 
Weather During Visit: 
Rain in prior 24 hours: 
Waterbodies Onsite: 
Drains Into: 
Canal that drains into Rabbit Creek (Dog River Watershed)
AL30° 34' 39.7416" N, 88° 7' 54.3216" W
1. Registration/Information Posting | 2. Stormwater Appearance
1d. Comments: 
Residential site is less than an acre in size. No NPDES permit needed. Site does have a land disturbance permit and a Corps permit.
2a. Is sediment-laden stormwater retained on the site?: 
2b. Is sediment-laden stormwater prevented from entering a storm drain or waterbody?: 
2c. Comments: 
No BMPs on the site.
3. Construction Entrance/Exits | 4. Perimeter Controls
3a. Is there enough stone, gravel, or stabilizing material to cover the entrance/exit?: 
3c. Is the road free from dirt tracked from the site?: 
3d. Is the construction entrance/exit free from flowing dirty water?: 
3d. Comments: 
Disturbed front yard soil drains to street and nearby inlet. No BMPs in place.
4a. Are perimeter controls present?: 
4f. Comments: 
There are no BMPs on this site.
5. Storm Drain and Inlet Protection | 6. Soil Stabilzation and Cover
5a. Are storm drains and inlets protected and in good repair?: 
5c. Comments: 
No inlet protection. I did not look to see if sediment had collected in it.
6c. Are soil stockpiles properly seeded, covered with tarps, or surrounded by silt fence?: 
6f. Comments: 
Not sure how long this site has had disturbed ground. Stockpile not covered or surrounded.
7. Sediment Traps, Check Dams and Basins
7a. Are sediment traps, check dams, or basins installed?: 
7e. Comments: 
No sediment trap, dam or basin.
8. Outlet Protection | 9. Encroachment on Waterbodies
8c. Comments: 
No BMPs on this site.
9a. Is vegetation adjacent to waterbodies intact?: 
9c. Comments: 
The entire back yard all the way to the water has been disturbed - there is no vegetation.
General Comments | Photos
10. General Comments: 
Photo 1 - Front yard ground disturbed. No gravel at entrance. Dirt visible on street gutter. No inlet protection. Photo 2 & 3 - Back yard as seen from canal. Most of the back yard is bulldozed. Red fill dirt by house. Yard slopes toward water. No perimeter protection. No BMPs on this site at all.
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
AL Report Card - 10/19/11 - ID#526
Enforcement Log
Enforcement Log Notes: 
Oct 20, 2011 - Contacted the home builder Rick Twilley at Twilley Builders (251) 422-8900 and the property owner Gerald Steele (251) 656-0110. Because no BMPs were visible on this site, they have been given a courtesy notice informing them that 5451 Henning Drive East is now being monitored by Muddy Water Watch for turbid discharges during rain events and violations will be reported to ADEM. Site monitoring will be discontinued when adequate BMPs have been installed or the construction site grounds have been stabilized. Nov 2, 2011 - Follow up visit to site. Still no BMPs in place in the front yard. No gravel at construction entrance. No silt fence. No inlet protection and bare ground is still bare. Back yard has newly installed silt fence that has been improperly installed by not being trenched and it is laying on the ground in several locations. Most of the bare dirt in the back yard is still bare dirt. A small area was mulched with pine straw. There has been no rain in two weeks. Owner is being notified again that his construction site lacks adequate BMPs. New photos added to this report card.

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