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Welcome to Alabama's Muddy Water Watch, where we are working statewide to address the problem of stormwater runoff.  Mud and clay running off of construction sites when it rains is a primary source of pollution in Alabama's rivers.  This "stormwater runoff" goes untreated into our rivers and streams and causes serious harm to drinking water quality, wildlife, recreation, and economic activities.  Now there is something you can do about it!  
Muddy Water Watch (MWW) is a state-wide education program training volunteers to monitor for stormwater runoff from construction sites.  Volunteers will be trained to identify when systems are working properly and how to report problems to contractors and enforcement agencies when there are problems.
Alabama will continue to grow.  Trained Muddy Water Watchers can ensure that growth respects our state's natural resources by helping our understaffed state agencies monitor construction activities. Together we can stop mud from harming our vital water resources. Please sign up today to volunteer with your local watershed organization.